Notary Public

We are not Attorneys, Legal aids, nor can we give legal advice. If you need any legal advice for paperwork,documents,deeds ect. Please seek legal help

For those in need of documents notarized we offer a Public Notary Service! Those individuals that are unable to meet/come to us we do offer the convenience of being Mobile. Servicing the Atlanta/Metro Atlanta area!!!! 



-Identification "CAN NOT BE EXPIRED."


-Failure to bring Proper Identification/Valid Identification will result in dismissed service by the notary.

 -Documents must be for "YOU" & no one else.


 - If the documents are for another party He,She,or They must be present.  


 - Please "DON'T SIGN" the documents until you are with the notary.

 - The notary posses the right to refuse his/her service if there is any speculation or suspicion of fraudulent acts or documents presented to them.

Acceptable forms of payment



-Credit Card


Appointments Accepted

- Due to hectic schedules and or work days we do accept appointments.


-To schedule an appointment simply give us a call or send an email with the time,date, and whether or not you need us to travel to you.


-Base fee within a 15mile radius

- Outside the 15 mile radius an additional fee will be assessed 

After Hours

- Hours of operation are from 8a.m.-8p.m.

-After 8:00p.m. there will be a separate after hour fee assessed